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Toitures Memphré Inc. has been providing trustworthy roofing services since 2015, ensuring your peace of mind and protection from outside elements!

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Professional Roofing Services

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You can trust Toitures Memphré Inc. to install the correct type of roof for maximum benefit for you and your family! With us, you will be provided with the professional advice necessary to make a decision regarding the type and material your roof should be, and we will make sure it lasts a lifetime.

View of residential roof after renovation


It’s extremely important to have a well maintained and resilient roof on your property, whether it be commercial or residential. Toitures Memphré Inc. has teams of experienced professionals to install, design and check your choice of roof ensuring its durability and reliability for years to come!

Installation of Elastomeric Membrane

Elastomeric Membrane

Elastomeric membrane roofing is your ideal choice: it ensures minimum maintenance and provides maximum water tightness. Elastomeric membrane roofs are known for their durability and moisture resistance, and have an attractive finish that provides your roof with a clean, polished look.

View of installed metallic roof

Metallic Roofs

Metallic rooftops are extremely durable and, with correct treatment, will not rust or deteriorate under rain, snow or other external natural elements. You can consult with our experts at Toitures Memphré Inc. to advise you on whether this is the correct material for your roofing needs!

Renovation of residential roof in progress


Our team of experienced and dedicated carpenters and renovators have the necessary skills to install new floors and renovate your commercial and residential space for a brighter, more modern look! You are sure to be happy with the professional results!

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